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Trentham Invest Ltd Client Comments Book

Client Comments Book

This beautifully bound book sits in our reception and now has over 80 pages of hand written comments from our clients. Click below to view all the pages.

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Testimonial: Thank you Nicola and your great team for an excellent meeting. Wishing you ever more successes on your wonderful journey

A Different World

Many years ago my then-accountants set me up with two companies to handle my SIPP.

They were large, a long way away, and household names, it gradually became clear that they were famous for their incompetence!

Eventually I couldn’t stand any more - I asked the splendid Martin Seymour of Crow Watkin Estate Agents for his advice, and via his chum I was recommended to visit Trentham Invest.

A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD!  The normally-uninspiring world of finance is the last place I expected to contain such a charismatic inhabitant as Nicola!

I am so grateful to be looked after by Trentham Invest.

John Scanlon

My review of investment performance

I have analysed my funds from the start in 2009 to date 2021.

I have compared the cumulative percentage gain of the fund compared with the FTSE100 and with the RPI.

The investment has substantially outperformed the FTSE since about 2015 - when the FTSE suffered from first a downturn and more recently from the impact of covid. And of course the investment compares favourably with the growth of the RPI.

I have also tracked the performance of the 10 or so asset types over the period 2012-2021.

The overall performance of the investment has been 5.9% growth on average since 2012.

The growth of individual equity based asset types has fluctuated considerably from year to year, but the top three over the period have been N America (12% pa), Europe (11% pa) and Far East excluding japan (10% pa).

Next come the other equity based assets at between 6-7 % pa. All the equity based sectors recovered very well in the past year from the impact of covid with increases of between 17% and 39% in the year to May 2021.

Its to the great credit of Nicola and her advisers and of the fund managers they choose to achieve good performance especially in recent years - many thanks.


Thank you

I wanted to write to you personally to say "thank you" for listening to my request when we first met last November and for supporting my belief that a pension transfer was in my, and my family's, best interests. With that now completed and the monies transferred and in place "thank you" once again and I look forward to our onward journey.


A real pleasure to be part of the journey

It has been a real pleasure to be part of the journey that Nicola and the team here are on. From my first meeting I have felt comfortable and informed, indeed the journey for me has been made quite special by the way the team have made my journey, theirs. The professional advice has always been spot on and has left me feeling excited and looking forwards to the next phase of my, and my family's life. Long may the business and the people of Trentham Invest prosper and grow. May I finish by thanking Nicola and the team.

Mick Raynor

Pension options

I just want to thank you, and also Vicki, for meeting with me yesterday to go through the options for my pension. I'm really pleased with the annuity that's been identified, and considering it only constitutes three-quarters of my 'pot', it's a very good result - more than I had expected. Thanks for expertly guiding my funds to this scenario, and also to Vicki and the team for working so hard on my behalf.

Claire Fulston